New South Wales

What is a NSW Transcription?

A NSW Transcription is an economic alternative to obtaining an official Birth, Death or Marriage certificate from the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages.   As an accredited Transcription Agent since 1995, Joy provides a typed copy of all the information recorded on the original registration. Sometimes that means you will get more information than is recorded on the official certificates (see why).

A transcription cannot be used for legal purposes but is a great source of information for family history research.

See below for a list of our products:

NSW Transcriptions
Full TranscriptionFull Transcription
Provides all details recorded in the register

ExpressExpress Service
Additional fee for each Full or Partial Transcription
(1-2 business days)
+ $5
Partial – 3 BlockPartial Transcription
3 Blocks of Information provided from the register
(See Table Below)
Partial – 2 BlockPartial Transcription
2 Blocks of Information provided from the register
(See Table Below)
Partial – 1 BlockPartial Transcription
1 Blocks of Information provided from the register
(See Table Below)
Check & VerifyCheck one piece of information.
Not sure if it’s the right record?
Provide one piece of information for us to check.
If the information confirms that right record, we will upgrade you to a full.
Early Church Record
Volume Entry
Early Church Records (Pre 1856)
All details provided from the register

Partial Transcriptions

In addition, Partial Transcriptions are also available if you only require some of the information from the register, or would like us to ‘check’ that the record is the right one before obtaining a transcription.

Partial Blocks

The table below lists all the information provided on a Birth, Death and Marriage Registration.  When a Full Transcript is not required, use the table to select the blocks of information required for a Partial Transcript.

DATEB1Date, Place, Full Name
FATHERB2Name, Age, Occupation, Birthplace
MOTHERB3Maiden Name, Age, Birthplace
MARRIAGEB4Date of Marriage, Place, Previous Issue
OTHERB5Informant, Accoucheur/Nurse
DATED1Date, Place, Full Name
AGED2Age, Birthplace, Time in Colony
PARENTSD3Names, Father’s Occupation, Informant
MARRIAGED4Place, Age, Spouse, Children
CAUSED5Cause of Death, Duration of Illness, Doctor
BURIALD6Burial Date, Place, Religion, Undertaker, Witnesses
DATEM1Date, Place, Religion, Minister
BRIDE*M2Status, Age, Birthplace, Residence, Occupation
GROOM*M3Status, Age, Birthplace, Occupation
PARENTS*M4Bride & Groom’s Parents
OTHERM5Witnesses, Other notations eg. Divorce, Permission to Marry
* Full details have not been recorded for about 50% of marriage entries prior to 1896

What do I need to provide to order?

We need a Name, Year and Registration number from the NSW Index in order to be able to provide you with a Transcription. 

These can be searched online at the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.  

What is the Turnaround?

There are 2 Options for turnaround.

Express  (1-2 business days) – Additional $5 cost

Regular  (Up to 6 Business days)

For more information please refer to the NSW section of our FAQ’s

See a Sample Transcription:

Birth Transcription                          Early Church Record – Baptism

Death Transcription                        Early Church Record – Burial

Marriage Transcription                   Early Church Record – Marriage