What Records are available from Victoria?

There are two types of certificates that you can order through our service.

1. Uncertified Historical Certificate (Printout) – This is a scanned image of the original registration.
A great resource for Family History purposes. Cannot be used for legal purposes.
2. Official Certificate
This record can be used for legal purposes, and a certificate will be posted to you.

Historical Records available for:

  • Births over 100 years ago
  • Deaths over 30 years ago
  • Marriages over 60 years

Information is provided on a Victorian Record?

Date & Place of BirthDate & Place of DeathDate & Place of Marriage
Name & SexName, Surname and OccupationName of Bride & Groom
Father’s Name, Rank and Profession, Age & BirthplaceSex & AgeStatus, Birthplace & Age
Date of Marriage, Place, Previous IssueCause of Death, Duration of IllnessRank or Profession
Mother’s Maiden Name, Age, and BirthplaceMedical PractitionerResidence
Informant, Accoucheur/NurseFather’s Name and OccupationFather’s Name and Occupation
Date & Where RegisteredMother’s Maiden NameMother’s Maiden Name
Date & Place of Burial
Minister, Religion, Witnesses
Where Born, Length of Time in Colony
Marriage details (Date & Place)
Issue of Children

What do I need to provide to order?

A registration number will assist us to identify the correct record.

If you are unable to supply us with a registration number, please provide us with a Name, year and place of Birth/Death/Marriage.

What is the Turnaround?

For Digital images – PRINT OUT’s, the turnaround is 1 week.  

For Official Certificates, please allow 3-4 weeks.